Love Versus Love

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin - Stenella PlagiodonDo you love yourself or do you consider that loving yourself is selfish? Do you accept yourself for who you are or do you constantly judge yourself? Do you love others and accept them the way they are or do you try to change them?

For the longest time, I considered loving myself to be a selfish act. I thought that being an altruist is contradictory with self-love. Through my own process of transformation, I discovered that self-love is a noble state of being. It is the well from which I can re-source myself to generate love and compassion towards others.

I awakened to the fact that what I considered love before was tinted with attachment to a certain form, fear of loss or dependence to it.

Think of one important relationship in your life and try to examine if your love to that person is concerned with personal interests, wants and belongings as a basis for your happiness. If so, this type of love is conditional in nature and does not come from your true self. It is an ego-based and conditional love.

Whenever I feel this type of love, I turn inwards and love myself. I love my true nature and accept it. In that very moment, I don’t feel the need for any reciprocity or exchange. Instead from that pure place inside of me, I emanate true love towards the other person and accept him the way she/he is.

Therefore love versus love, which one would you choose??