dolphinloveWhat is the secret of winning the inner game of Intimacy?

Whether you are someone searching for Intimacy or running away from it, your inner game may be the same.

Allowing another person into our landscape can be a very frightening experience, more so, if we have forbidden access to ourselves. To reach people, we have to be reachable.  People we love deserve to be allowed in our inner terrain.

Intimacy is the quality indicator of our relationships. To have healthy relationships, we have to be able to dance with Intimacy.

How could anyone give something he or she does not have? It took me a long time to discover this basic truth.  Yes, we cannot be Intimate with others if we cannot be Intimate with ourselves!!!

If we are hiding deep secrets from the person closest to us, do you think we can be intimate with him/her?

Intimacy is a function of space. To win the inner game of Intimacy, we have to open up the space within us first. Having the courage to dive in like a dolphin is the first step to getting in touch with our inner space and freeing it up from emotional hurts that we hold on to. Some of our initial life traumas are buried deep and could be hidden from our view. These painful feelings, at times, prevent us from becoming Intimate with the people closest to us.

Creating Intimacy with one’s self allows us to start awakening to our self-loathing belief and its origin. This openness makes us vulnerable and real with the important people in our lives.

Opening the space within will allow us to open up the space for others to be themselves around us. Winning the inner game of Intimacy becomes our access to win the outer game of relationships.

Intimacy takes the form of a dance extending itself from within us to the outer world around us.  It is a beautiful ballet of real steps and movements. Some of us have an easier time with it than others. Those of us who want to be guarded are afraid to be hurt or fall. Yet, by falling we develop the muscle to get up.

When we fall, let’s have the courage to acknowledge it, get up with grace and continue the dance!!

So are you ready for this dance of Intimacy?