Your Inside Story is longing to be told!

dolphinmosaicAre you bearing an untold story inside you? What are you waiting for?

All-time goddess Maya Angelou said: “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

I was agonizing over not sharing my real untold story. Indeed, it became clear to me that my anguish about not contributing my real tale had become stronger than holding on to my recycled little one…

When I discovered that my rehashed false inner belief was in the way of my real purpose waiting to be voiced, I started writing The Dolphin’s Dance!!

Your “verdict” about yourself — that inner voice that keeps reappearing time after time, the “I am not good enough,” “I am not lovable enough” — that “not enough of” voice is in the way of revealing the real story of why you are here and your real contribution to humanity. Awakening to your “emotional logo” and “identity signature” in The Dolphin’s Dance will make you confront your false limiting belief: your “verdict” about yourself that is, indeed, in the way of your real story longing to be told.

Discovering your true self through Conscious Awareness will help you love and honor yourself. Your authentic self becomes the holder of your real story. If you were true to yourself, you would know that there is within you a real authentic purpose that is yearning to be expressed. You may have discovered it and judged that it was not worth sharing with the world.

The form it will take is its own — it may take many shapes. It does not matter what your mission is in life, whether it is in expressing beauty through art, creating a world of sound vibrations through music, making others feel good or helping others heal or get wealthy — you are on to something! Your only duty is to stay out of its way for it to express itself and allow it to emerge. If you stand tall and look for the real contribution behind your basic talent, you will find that you have a real story aching to be voiced.

I urge you to go further to ask yourself who is in the way of its expression and may you have the courage to stand face-to-face with the truth. You may then find that, like me, your rehashed negative inner story has been in the way!

So, your inside story is longing to be told!!! What are you waiting for?