Do we ever experience death and resurrection?

dolphin Moonstarts

Many of us who celebrate Easter celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection from death.

Resurrection in the Christian faith is a future promise of a “one-day, some day” when we will all rise from our physical death and live the eternal life. While honoring the religious beliefs around resurrection, I started living this ritual from a different perspective and asking myself: how does this relate to my own life’s experience?

Jesus, as a spiritual master is a great teacher.  His message of unconditional love, forgiveness and sacrifice is very compelling and inspiring. How does his own death on the cross shed light on our experience of life?

During our lifetime, we go through crises, traumas and, perhaps, for some, what I refer to in The Dolphin’s Dance as the “dark night of the soul.” At times, it feels as if we are dying alive! Indeed, the physical death would have been easier than some of our traumas in real life. Our past and present psychological or physical wounds can ooze for a long time, stirring up suffering, fear and deleterious emotions.

After going through my own “dark night of the soul,” I later emerged healed: lighter and happier! There are many examples of people who have had similar experiences. People crossing over from darkness to light resembles our coming back to life after death.

In addition to celebrating rebirth, I also celebrate the death of my ego structure and of the illusion of the true self, not to be mistaken for the “identity signature” as described in The Dolphin’s Dance.

Through deconstructing this identity signature and removing one nail at a time from our past wounds, our true nature emerges. We resurrect our true self that was buried so deep that we could not access it.

So once it’s alive, let it shine! What is the meaning of death and rebirth in your own life?