Passion Time

A Pod of Dolphins

Have you ever tallied the time you spend per day on your passion?

If, tomorrow, you were to start keeping track of the time you spend on the things you are most fervent about, would you be happy with your findings?

We are all in the same boat!! It took me so long to discover my passion in life and to decide to devote my time to it. I can’t judge late risers, but instead, encourage them to discover their passion and express it in life as soon as they can.

Some of us are enthused over many interests. We keep hovering like a butterfly from one appealing area to another. As soon as we satisfy our curiosity in one area, we move to the next. In doing so, we develop many skills and, by elimination, we start knowing what we like doing. Indeed, well-rounded individuals have many domains of interest.

Beyond curiosity and enthusiasm, there is one domain in which you have some unique gifts with which you were born. It is like a natural talent that you express with ease, love and passion.  Each one of us, through our uniqueness, contributes our portion to the whole as described in The Dolphin’s Dance. This contribution lightens us up and motivates others. Whenever we are inspired about something we are doing and creating, we are actually connecting to the source of our “beingness” — as if some dormant forces within us come alive when we start creating from that space.

So imagine yourself starting to earn a living and contributing your talent to make a difference in the world of others from that space!!

It does not matter how you do it; what matters is that you begin spending time every day creating from that space. If you start with as little as fifteen minutes a day on your passion, it will be better than nothing. Eventually, it will start increasing in time and it will impact positively the quality of your life. Whatever we focus on, and give attention to, will certainly appreciate and grow!!

Whether your passion is gardening, playing music, drawing, researching, writing or anything you can name, spending time focusing on it and creating from it is your indicator to how well you are living your life.

So, do you know what your passion is? Can you identify what you do well? How much time a day do you spend on it? If none at all, would you be willing to start today?