I love you dad!

two voices

I searched for the definition of a great father
Aiming to describe what the best dads can be
Trying to use thoughts, words and ink
To yield to what makes us consciously think

In light of aspiring to be the best, the literature said
The perfect dad provides, inspires, protects
Leads by example, walks the talk
Guides, disciplines and unconditionally loves
He is a hero….
Hero or not, I love you dad!

In the deepest of who I am, I could not care less for his perfection
He could be king, social misfit or homeless
A man of faith, atheist, straight or gay
All that I care for is the fondness in his eyes when I walk by

I long to see his true nature, his faults and his greatness
I want to hear his fragile heart and listen to his fears
His real self makes me go beyond my pretense, my false identity
Should he be proud in order to cherish and love?

My dad as a knight is a beautiful archetype
And in the darkness of the night, I don’t deny
My dear dad
I must have needed your protection
I also know your vulnerability sets me free

Your unconditional love is my greatest affirmation
It is a declaration of my rights and positive confirmation
To go beyond my condition, genes and situation
Believe in myself and dare to honor my sacredness

All I care for is for you to dare to be you
The only one who granted me the great gift of life
The one that I carry in me, through my veins
My love is not conditional on you being a hero

To all the fathers of our heart with us or in our memory
I say:  I love you and Happy father’s day!!