Celebrate Freedom on Independence Day


As we celebrate American Independence Day with our friends and family, I can’t help but think how important freedom is to all of us. Freedom is the basis for our joy and happiness. We consider freedom a fundamental human need worth dying for — we fight against repressive regimes. We fight for our freedom of speech, our freedom to practice our ideologies and religions. We fight for our economic system. We partake in wars against regimes that try to impose their own.

As a nation, we celebrate our freedom from rules and rulers who are oppressive as we seek to be fully self-expressive. When the national strategy is aligned with the freedom of the individuals, we start thriving as a nation. When freedom of the nation is not aligned with freedom of the individuals, there is a constant struggle as the individuals that make up the population are conflicted with their leaders.

As a personal empowerment scholar and author, I consider our past limiting emotions, beliefs, and patterns as leaders within ourselves. Meanwhile these “false inner leaders” are not aligned with our mission and purpose in life. Despite our need for freedom, we are totally oblivious to these inner rulers, which are in the way of our potential and greatness. While they are occupying the driver’s seat in our life they are giving us the impression that we are the driver. They are in our blind spot, hidden from our view. They move around stealthily while concealed in our subconscious. They affect our decisions and limit our growth and development. They literally rule our life in the most oppressive way.

In The Dolphin’s Dance, through the five-step process of conscious awareness we dive within and start becoming aware of these limiting emotions, beliefs and patterns. Once we awaken to the presence of these “false inner leaders,” we make peace with them and integrate them instead of declaring war against them. This process creates a great peace within and allows us independent freedom: Free from the past, free from preconceived beliefs, free from our patterns of behaviors, free from our shadow and free from our false self!

My ultimate wish is for the world to become one free happy nation honoring our freedom of being and representing our natural need to express it beyond inherited beliefs! I long to bring the conscious awareness process to conflicts so we can become aware of what rules us within sovereigns and their constituents. By keeping our own process of consciousness in place, we become a stand for others to keep theirs. Our freedom becomes a model to impact the world in the most positive way. Happy Independence Day!