Living Life Backward

live life backward

I woke up in awe this morning
Still numb and hypnotized
From a celebration in a dream
Could not express how proud I felt
A crowd applauding with praise and beauty

All is playing back in my head
Millions of people mesmerized and approving
An award for a success of being outstandingly human
Standing with pride and humility at the same time
Awestruck I was, speechless and emotional

Ecstatic for the fruit of my labor
I watched myself each day
With sharp intent and steady focus
Untiring effort and unswerving gratitude
Building the blocks one by one

Dreaming this moment of eternal life
For the guts and courage it takes
To live a life consciously expressed
Dancing in jubilee and calling on emotions
Some I could not even name

A life review played on the stage of a show
Faces and names scrolling like the credits at the end of a movie
Your contribution is vast and your vision is inspiring
Could not express the honor and gratitude of having you in my life
With immense pride and immeasurable appreciation

We all pray to the creator for a play back
For a human being
Who loves and contributes
Creates a life with infinite possibilities
Dares its limits with an immense heart

From that moment on, I decided to be on a quest
With that vision in mind
As if I were crossing to the unknown world
Celebrating a life fully lived
With its sorrow and beauty, its pain and glory

Dancing fully, singing effusively
Living wholly and experiencing entirely
Moment by moment celebrating profusely
The small and big pleasures equally
Contributing abundantly

Yes, I decided to live life backward…