3 Steps to Letting Your Inner Light Shine

IMG_0704As I sit on my balcony facing the Atlantic ocean in beautiful Miami, Florida, I reflect upon my own inner light, echoing that of the moonlight shining on the water before me. The perfect light on the surface of the sea is shimmering like gold leaves with an iridescent well-lit glitter. The waves beneath the light are moving gently, gleaming and flickering on the dark deep sea. The sound of the waves is steady and rhythmically transporting me into the surfs of my own thoughts…

In this moment I wonder: what do we really do when we reflect on our thoughts? Like the moon casting back its light, mirroring itself on the water, it is being reflected. When a cloud sits in front of the moon, however, its light can’t shine through and the sea remains dark. The moon’s light can’t shine!

What if our thoughts are simple reflections of our already existing inner ocean?

Like the light reflecting its brightness on the sea, the water becomes the light itself. The dark water exists in our perception only. The water of the ocean is not dark; it is the absence of light that makes us perceive it as dark. Darkness here is simply an illusion, a perception of our own mind.

Our conditioning, inner cluttering, negative emotions, feelings or beliefs are like the clouds blocking our own inner light so situations appear gloomy. If we shed light on them, they become clear again, just like when the fog moves away and allows the moon to reflect back its own brightness on the ocean. Indeed we bring our vision and beliefs to all situations in our daily lives.

So how can we project something we don’t have?

I believe that inside every one of us is a piece connected to the all-knowing, the supreme intelligence and the universal light. By accessing this piece, we could shed light on our inner darkness like the moon was shedding light on the dim water.

Here are 3 steps to letting your light shine*:

  1. Discover Your Marker: You need to identify your negative emotion about yourself – your marker. To do so, your have to go back to that event in your life, visit it, and make peace with it. This is not an easy process and can be painful for some, but it is accessible to all of us and could be very powerful in helping us to make peace with our past.
  2. Find Your Limiting Belief: The belief associated with your negative event runs your life behind the scenes. Becoming aware of it will help you de-clutter a chunk of darkness and shed light on it.
  3. Make Peace with Your Marker: Ask yourself, am I ready to make peace with my painful “marker” event? If so, let go of it. Embrace your “limiting belief,” recognizing that this belief may not be true and should not run your life. In order to live an authentic life, you have to rid yourself of limiting beliefs that may not be true.

Let your own inner light shine like the moon on the darkness of any situation, and you will find greater consciousness in its reflection. It will bring wisdom to the circumstances at hand.

Let’s resolve to redirect our inner light and project it on to the world like the moon. Let it shine!

*These three steps are discussed in detail in The Dolphin’s Dance.