Are You Ready to Make Big Changes in Your Life?


Are You Ready to Make Big Changes in Your Life?
Take this 10-Day Self-Discovery Challenge!

With the New Year starting, I would like to offer you some support in making your dreams come true. I invite you to join my 10-day self-discovery challenge. This is not your typical New Year’s resolution that is dropped within the first few weeks. In fact, it requires no physical effort at all, but rather these are mental exercises into self-discovery and awareness that will free you from the imprints of the past.

Many of us think that our circumstances are going to change for the better one day, someday.  We take the back seat in our life and wait for some happy events to take place. While the belief of expecting good things to happen to us is definitely good to have, we all know that if we don’t make an effort to change, our life will not.

No matter how happy our circumstances or events are, they are not permanent. As soon as they pass, we feel the same again. As long as our moods are associated to external conditions, we are dependent on factors outside of our control. While we can’t affect outer events, we can control our internal attitude towards them. The more we are anchored in our true self, the more we can master the unforeseen circumstances. When you change your mindset past the subtle resistance within and let go of your negative beliefs and destructive patterns, you readily achieve success in different areas of your life exceeding your expectations and transcending your limitations.

It has been proven that the moment you shift your deep beliefs about yourself, you gain momentum that can create a shift in your relationships, business, income and health. The strength of your beliefs determines your power to manifest the life you want. This change is internal: it is independent of life’s events or people and requires a dive within into self-discovery.

The 10-Day Self-Discovery Challenge

To start the year with an intention, I am inviting you to join me in a 10-day challenge whereby every day you take five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening to focus on a question I provide on my Facebook page. By taking time to quiet the mind and answer each question, you can unlock the necessary momentum to change an important aspect of your life.

Why procrastinate when you know what it takes to change your life? It is simply because your old habits and negative ego take over the moment you feel insecure and out of your comfort zone. You feel unsettled with the unknown and don’t believe you can do it. How many times have you failed your New Year’s resolutions? Whether it is about losing weight, starting a new project or making a big decision, most of us need to be motivated and supported. Let’s not fail this one! This challenge is only 10 days and will awaken your deepest beliefs about yourself and others.

As you know, any diet starts with an induction phase, an intense period that is challenging but can produce quick results in your life. Psychologists agree that it takes repetition to start a habit. So why wait to realize your dream – the key to unlocking your true potential is inside of you!

So, are you ready to say good-bye to what did not serve you in 2016?

If so, join me on Facebook where I will be posting a new challenge for the next 10 days. I will answer your questions and give you direct coaching as my gift to you in making 2017 a joyful year. The first challenge is already waiting for you!