My Spiritual Journey

My Spiritual Journey by Micheline Nader

Nader - Spiritual JourneyMy spiritual journey began when I was six when I realized I was interested in the larger questions about our spiritual nature. Despite a fairly traditional religious upbringing, I have never been a traditionally religious person. I’ve found value in all spiritual teachings and grew up reading everything from the Bible to The Book of Life and Death.

I focused on reconciling the spiritual knowledge behind structured religions. Organized religion for me was not necessarily about the spiritual. I was attracted to the healers like St. Francis or St. John because they had a deep sense of mysticism and a spiritual journey. They talked about the dark night of the soul. I was interested in their message but also their transformational journey.

When we lived in Kansas City, I used to go to the Unity church and every new author would come and do a workshop there. I attended all of these. I did transformational courses with Landmark, Betty Ford, Stanislas Grof and Noetic Science, among many others. I also studied psychology and psychiatry as I am equally intrigued by the science behind spirituality.

I realized that everyone had great points. The key was to put them together. Information as information is great. At times, information transforms our lives. If we want to change our lives or become evolved, or become consciously aware human beings, then this becomes really powerful. Then it has to move beyond the idea; it’s about how to make the methods practical and pragmatic to the human being.

Micheline Nader