Dolphin’s Dance Guided Exercises

Uncover, Heal, Transform

Why Being Brave and Going Within Is Your Answer

Many of the challenges you face today in your relationships and your career stem from events of the past. Your beliefs, behaviors and thoughts are formed early in life and often without you being aware and without your conscious permission.

With these audio exercises, you have a rare opportunity to have Micheline – healthcare entrepreneur, speaker and bestselling author – guide you through key exercises for self-discovery and self-awareness from her powerful book, The Dolphin’s Dance. The Dolphin’s Dance is a calling to live consciously, to respond from a place within that is calm and innocent, free from the limitations of the past.

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How These Exercises Work

In these 15 guided exercises, you will take a deep dive into Micheline’s D.A.N.C.E process to help you break free from your past limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns of behaviors. She begins each exercise by personally guiding you to a place of relaxation where you can access peace and clarity. From that state, as you are asked a series of thought-provoking questions, answers that are deeply hidden within you arise. As instructed in the audio exercises, it is recommended to first read the corresponding chapter from The Dolphin’s Dance to get the most out of it.


Daily Meditation
An exclusive audio of the guided meditation, “The Clear Lagoon,” which will take you into a state of clarity, quiet and depth for your journey into conscious awareness!

Companion Workbook
A step-by-step journal for you to write down your insights after each key guided audio exercise, as well as the rest of the comprehensive exercises found in The Dolphin’s Dance.

Guided Exercises

Work through these in the order presented as they build on each other. You can go back and re-listen to all, or some, of the exercises as many times as you feel is necessary:

  1. Create your Safe Space: The “Clear Lagoon,” a guided meditation.
  2. Uncover your “Marker,” a painful and traumatic event that happened early in your life and marked you forever.
  3. Retrieve your “Sticker,” Identify your “Vessel” and Build your “Emotional Logo,” a pattern of emotions and reactions that are like a unique personal trademark.
  4. Expose your “Verdict,” a negative opinion you have sentenced yourself to and you keep deeply hidden.
  5. Understand your “Strategy,” a game plan you came up with to mask your “Verdict.”
  6. Unearth your “Proof of Identity,” replacing your “Verdict” (your believed deficiency) with a new identity (a mask).
  7. Identify your “Core Pattern,” a bold, persistent and recurrent theme of behavior you have enacted throughout your life.
  8. Uncover your “Shadow Pattern,” a repressed pattern of behavior that represents the hidden side of yourself.
  9. Cancel out your “Verdict,” a negative charge of that self-judgment following the painful “Marker” event in your childhood.
  10. Awaken to the Illusion and its Impact, a “basic lie” or the illusion of the false self.
  11. Why can’t I heal? Remove any inner blocks or resistance to healing the wounds of your past.
  12. Are you willing to Forgive? Forgive, the most important aspect of healing.
  13. Are you a Victim? Step out of being a victim of people and circumstances and learn to accept people and circumstances for what they are.
  14. Quickstep Dance, a simplified version of the Dolphin’s D.A.N.C.E process that you can practice on the go!
  15. Find your Basic Talent, which leads to your purpose, the unique way in which the Source wants to express itself through you, in the world.

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It’s time to dive in and discover your true self, free from limiting beliefs, thoughts and behaviors of the past. This is where your transformation awaits.

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