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Unearth Your "Emotional Logo" To Become A Conscious and Effective Leader


Do you want to know your #1 hidden emotional trigger?

Your “Emotional Logo” is the powerful emotional trigger hidden from your view. It is at the origin of those limiting thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and patterns that undermine your ability to be an effective and authentic leader. As leaders, we are largely affected by our subconscious and unconscious patterns of behavior. They play in the background and determine how we lead others. Having negative thoughts or emotions that we are unaware of affect our mindset, business choices, relationships, productivity, and have a huge impact on the organizations with which we are associated. In short, unconscious or subconscious limiting thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and patterns derail our efforts in leading authentically and in a way that brings out the best in others.

In her online video course, healthcare entrepreneur, speaker, and bestselling author, Micheline, walks you through her powerful 5-Step process she calls the D.A.N.C.E. Learn more about the course:


As a free bonus gift for you, we have included a guided audio exercise, Find Your Basic Talent, from The Dolphin’s Dance. This guided audio exercise will help you get in touch with your basic talent and purpose — the unique way in which to express yourself in the world.


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