Spring Clean Your Life: 4 Steps to a Fresh Start

Spring-cleaning is an itchy fever we all get! We want to de-clutter our house, garage, closet, office, etc. But what about our minds and souls? In the spring, the flowers bloom and the trees start recouping their leaves and colors. As nature expands in beauty and abundance, we want to prepare our living environment to

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January Blues

The 1 Most Effective way to Deal with January Blues

Do you often ask yourself: what about me? Do your kids, spouse, parents or neighbors depend on you yet when you feel sluggish, sick or low on energy it seems as though you can’t depend on anyone? Are you feeling some weariness faced with the voluminous tasks you have to do? What about you? Don’t

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walk into the light

5 Signs You Are Sleepwalking Through Life

If you are unaware of who you truly are, asleep to what you truly want, and repeating negative patterns in relationships, chances are you may be sleepwalking through your life. If the life you want to lead eludes you and you find yourself doing the same, feeling the same, reacting the same over and over

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Are You Ready to Make Big Changes in Your Life?

Are You Ready to Make Big Changes in Your Life? Take this 10-Day Self-Discovery Challenge! With the New Year starting, I would like to offer you some support in making your dreams come true. I invite you to join my 10-day self-discovery challenge. This is not your typical New Year’s resolution that is dropped within

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3 Transformative Gifts to Share with Your Loved Ones

December is here! As I walk around, I can’t help but marvel at the beautiful lights adorning the trees, the colorful wreaths, and lit branches on doors. Christmas trees are populated with wrapped gifts of all color. Not to mention, the many holiday parties that are in full swing to celebrate the giving and receiving

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3 tips to Cultivate Gratitude in your Life

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to share with you three tips that get me back to peace through life’s tests and enrich my life with gratitude. It is easy to be grateful when our life is enriched with positive events but harder to do when we are going through tough circumstances. Being

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