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Do we ever experience death and resurrection?

Many of us who celebrate Easter celebrate the death of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection from death. Resurrection in the Christian faith is a future promise of a “one-day, some day” when we will all rise from our physical death and live the eternal life. While honoring the religious beliefs around resurrection, I started living this ritual from a different perspective

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two voices

Duality in me

Two voices inside of me Two talented singers Their song is captivating One is called the ego The other is an entire mystery Share:

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dolphins sunset

Happy or Sad on demand

Do you wish you had a remote control that could change your frame of mind on demand? Do you ask yourself why, at times, you can’t fully live in the present moment?

Every so often, I wish I had an emotional remote control that allowed me to control time. I would rewind to the happy moments and pause through them to prolong the experience for a while. I would zip through sad ones and delete them as they come. Unfortunately, in real life things are not as simple! My best time machine is my memory of them!!

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What is the secret of winning the inner game of Intimacy?

Whether you are someone searching for Intimacy or running away from it, your inner game may be the same.

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Love Versus Love

Do you love yourself or do you consider that loving yourself is selfish? Do you accept yourself for who you are or do you constantly judge yourself? Do you love others and accept them the way they are or do you try to change them?

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