Mother and daughter

3 Ways Moms Can Become Great Leaders

It wasn’t until I became a leader in my organization that I realized how many skills I had as a mom that very easily transferred to my new role. Everything from juggling multiple tasks at once, dealing with never-ending demands on your time, to constantly having an unfaltering vision for other people and the big

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3 Steps to Letting Your Inner Light Shine

As I sit on my balcony facing the Atlantic ocean in beautiful Miami, Florida, I reflect upon my own inner light, echoing that of the moonlight shining on the water before me. The perfect light on the surface of the sea is shimmering like gold leaves with an iridescent well-lit glitter. The waves beneath the

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Podcast: Exercise #1

Micheline Nader, author of the Dolphin’s Dance explains the Clear Lagoon exercise, the prerequisite of all the exercises of the Dolphin’s Dance. This exercise helps you enter a state of relaxation. Listen to the podcast now below: Share:

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live life backward

Living Life Backward

I woke up in awe this morning Still numb and hypnotized From a celebration in a dream Could not express how proud I felt A crowd applauding with praise and beauty Share:

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Celebrate Freedom on Independence Day

As we celebrate American Independence Day with our friends and family, I can’t help but think how important freedom is to all of us. Freedom is the basis for our joy and happiness. We consider freedom a fundamental human need worth dying for — we fight against repressive regimes. We fight for our freedom of

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A Pod of Dolphins

Passion Time

Have you ever tallied the time you spend per day on your passion? If, tomorrow, you were to start keeping track of the time you spend on the things you are most fervent about, would you be happy with your findings?

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